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Welcome to ILLUMINATA! 

We are three young researchers that want to highlight the importance of women in agriculture who are part of the STEM community. We are so proud to be part of this and we want to share with you the real life of some extraordinary women making a difference in their field.

Meet the team



Co-founder of Illuminata 

Charlotte is Italian and French, with Spanish and Armenian origins. She is currently undertaking a PhD at the Centre of Crop Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI).

In her PhD, she is trying to optimise the root system of wheats to find more sustainable ways to secure food for the future. She always been passionate about science, deciding to focus on agriculture because of the imminent need to find solutions to secure food. Her aim is to combine her three passions: agriculture, sustainability and empowering women in science and agriculture. She is also passionate about art, music and travelling, she wants to travel around the world to learn different cultures. 


Co-founder of Illuminata 

Emily is a third-year PhD candidate in QAAFI’s Centre for Animal Science at The University of Queensland. Growing up in Ecuador, Emily was surrounded by natural richness and biodiversity which are inspired her curiosity to pursue a degree in biological sciences. She moved to Australia when she was 18 years old being able to fund her degrees through scholarships. Emily now uses these opportunities as the basis to advocate for girl’s and women’s participation in science and agriculture. She also has held leadership roles in postgraduate student associations promoting inclusion and participation of students in academic and social matters. 

Her doctoral research is on investigating biomarkers to predict tick resistance in cattle.



Executive Assistant of Illuminata 

Sera is a Food Scientist pursuing a PhD at QAAFI, UQ focused on characterizing Australian wattle seeds.  Originally from the south of India, she grew up in the Middle East and completed her studies in India and Sweden. With a passion for science communication, Sera hopes to be able to bust science myths and inspire young girls to consider STEM as an area with exciting career options. When she is not experimenting in the lab, she enjoys reading books, being in nature, and sunbathing at Brisbane's best beaches.

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